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Using SEO to Write Better Job Adverts

Posted by | November 25, 2015 | Job Posting, Recruiting

Job Posting SEO

If you’re not, you should…

Gone are the days of cutting and pasting the job description and pretending it’s a job advert. So here are a couple of tips…

Firstly, the Job title is the most important element of the whole advert, often it will appear as the title of the page on which it appears, so making your job title “Senior Clinical Research Physician” is far better than “Great new opportunity for a Senior Clinical Research Physician with a minimum of 5 years experience, based in Lancashire or home based” as it’s more likely to be searched for and therefore more relevant in the search results. Adding superlatives should only be part of the summary text or main body.

Then there are keywords. As a recruiter, you need to think about what your target candidates are going to be searching for. Not just on a job board such as , but on Google too.  Keep in mind variations of job titles and abbreviations (such as CRA / Clinical Research Associate) , and make sure that they are included within the advert.

I always recommend putting a short list of keywords/keyphrases at the bottom of the job description, just to ensure that those words are within the advert. Don’t go mad – and definitely don’t needlessly duplicate words (like putting “clinical research” or “pharmaceutical” 12 times)  – as this will most likely count as SPAM and have the opposite effect.

Avoid company specific job titles that mean nothing to the outside world. A job title of “HTDG level 4” is not likely to get much response – if nobody other than the clinical hiring manager knows what it means!

If you follow these simple ideas, hopefully you will get improved application responses on job boards and your own recruitment, plus and any other site where the job advert appears

Happy Posting