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Book: The Professional Recruiter’s Handbook: Delivering Excellence in Recruitment Practice

Posted by | July 19, 2015 | Books, Recruiting

Should every recruiter read this book?pharma-recruiters-handbook

As recruitment becomes ever more important to a business achieving its corporate objectives, recruiters must raise their game, delivering new and innovative solutions while also doing their job well and achieving the results needed for their clients and candidates. The Professional Recruiter’s Handbook, second edition, is a complete guide to achieving success in recruitment. The authors explore the techniques used by the most successful recruiters, both agency and client-side, to understand what creates excellence in recruitment. Containing up-to-date practical advice on attracting the right candidates and finding and retaining new clients, it explains how to develop a recruitment strategy to ensure the recruitment professional can successfully fulfill the roles taken on. The book is supported by numerous case studies and interviews with recruitment professionals.

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3 Things you can do to convert job views to job applications

Posted by | July 14, 2015 | Job Posting, Recruiting

I can’t believe how many job adverts I see that are simply cut and pasted job descriptions. Clients then wonder why although the adverts are being viewed, nobody is applying! So here are 3 things to try that will help improve your application rate.

1-2-3 Highlight the opportunities for career progression.
Nobody wants to switch job it if means ending up in a dead end. Remember, your candidates will have career goals and aspirations, so you need them to think, “wow this would be a great opportunity for me”Highlight the Organisation’s USPs
What makes this job better than the next? If your company has a great pipeline, is expanding, or is the biggest or best in its field, say so!

If your organisation’s culture is relaxed, informal, buzzy, inspirational, creative, innovative or whatever! – tell the candidate! – Paint a picture – OK, I don’t mean literally, but you need the candidate to start visualising themselves in the role

Highlight what makes this role exciting!
Again, you need to reinforce what it is about this job, that will make the candidate hit that apply button. No point in just listing the requirements for the job (that’s just a job description after all) – so tell the candidate that this is an “amazing opportunity, working with a great team on products that will change peoples lives” or similar. Doesn’t that sound better than “a new vacancy has arisen in our sales department” The candidate needs to believe that they will be doing exciting, challenging and interesting things every day!

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Carrot Pharma are looking for consultant/senior consultants

Posted by | July 6, 2015 | Jobs

Just spotted this…

Carrot Pharma – We have an excellent opportunity at the Consultant or Senior Consultant level in our Market Access Team, recruiting a range of positions for consultancy firms and pharma / biotech companies across the UK, Europe and beyond. The successful candidate will join a superb team in a premium market where fee potential is significant and with plenty of scope for market expansion in the UK and abroad. Mainly permanent recruitment but with occasional opportunities to secure lucrative long term contract assignments.

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