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Time to Get Emotional!

Posted by | September 15, 2015 | Job Posting, Recruiting

Using Emotions to Recruit

Everyone wants great candidates, but good qualified candidates can afford to be picky and these days everyone is looking for the “dream job”! – so let’s be honest, how many of your vacancy descriptions even make them want to look?

Here’s a tip that might just help…

Stimulate The Emotions – The candidate has to feel some emotion to even bother clicking on your job advert. So try helping the candidate create an image of themselves in the role – This might be by highlighting the opportunities for growth within the role (personal development , kudos etc), or the great working environment (think Google); or it might be the benefits package on offer. For example, mentioning holidays – might help the candidate subconsciously picture themselves on the beach with their family.  

Simply putting a list of job requirements is about the least emotional thing you can do! Make them FEEL that they want the job!