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“Fishing” Job Applications

Posted by | May 17, 2016 | Job Posting, Jobs

I know it’s pretty competitive out there for recruiters, but there is one underhand practice that some unethical recruiters use that should be stamped out.

That is, the use of “fishing” or fake job applications; this underhand technique is the ploy of applying for jobs but pretending to be a candidate with a great CV, with the aim of trying to find out which employers are currently recruiting.

So applying for multiple jobs under a fake name like “Mark Cook”, “Thomas Brown” or “Alan Stewart” etc. clearly wastes recruiter’s time and undermines the work they’ve legitimately put in finding the client in the first place. Secondly it’s lazy – why not do some real prospecting rather than relying on someone else doing the real work?

From PharmiWeb’s point of view, it’s something we strongly discourage, and will like to hear from any of our clients who feel that they’ve fallen victim to this. And if you’re doing it, please stop it now.

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Why Do My Job Posts Get So Few Applications?

Posted by | September 3, 2015 | Job Posting, Jobs, Recruiting

why-no-job-applications-pharmaYour wonderful job posting might be getting hundreds of views, but for some reason you’re just not getting the applications – Why is that?

There can be multiple reasons, but the following is a good start…

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Carrot Pharma are looking for consultant/senior consultants

Posted by | July 6, 2015 | Jobs

Just spotted this…

Carrot Pharma – We have an excellent opportunity at the Consultant or Senior Consultant level in our Market Access Team, recruiting a range of positions for consultancy firms and pharma / biotech companies across the UK, Europe and beyond. The successful candidate will join a superb team in a premium market where fee potential is significant and with plenty of scope for market expansion in the UK and abroad. Mainly permanent recruitment but with occasional opportunities to secure lucrative long term contract assignments.