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“Fishing” Job Applications

Posted by | May 17, 2016 | Job Posting, Jobs

I know it’s pretty competitive out there for recruiters, but there is one underhand practice that some unethical recruiters use that should be stamped out.

That is, the use of “fishing” or fake job applications; this underhand technique is the ploy of applying for jobs but pretending to be a candidate with a great CV, with the aim of trying to find out which employers are currently recruiting.

So applying for multiple jobs under a fake name like “Mark Cook”, “Thomas Brown” or “Alan Stewart” etc. clearly wastes recruiter’s time and undermines the work they’ve legitimately put in finding the client in the first place. Secondly it’s lazy – why not do some real prospecting rather than relying on someone else doing the real work?

From PharmiWeb’s point of view, it’s something we strongly discourage, and will like to hear from any of our clients who feel that they’ve fallen victim to this. And if you’re doing it, please stop it now.

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Using SEO to Write Better Job Adverts

Posted by | November 25, 2015 | Job Posting, Recruiting

Job Posting SEO

If you’re not, you should…

Gone are the days of cutting and pasting the job description and pretending it’s a job advert. So here are a couple of tips…

Firstly, the Job title is the most important element of the whole advert, often it will appear as the title of the page on which it appears, so making your job title “Senior Clinical Research Physician” is far better than “Great new opportunity for a Senior Clinical Research Physician with a minimum of 5 years experience, based in Lancashire or home based” as it’s more likely to be searched for and therefore more relevant in the search results. Adding superlatives should only be part of the summary text or main body.

Then there are keywords. As a recruiter, you need to think about what your target candidates are going to be searching for. Not just on a job board such as , but on Google too.  Keep in mind variations of job titles and abbreviations (such as CRA / Clinical Research Associate) , and make sure that they are included within the advert.

I always recommend putting a short list of keywords/keyphrases at the bottom of the job description, just to ensure that those words are within the advert. Don’t go mad – and definitely don’t needlessly duplicate words (like putting “clinical research” or “pharmaceutical” 12 times)  – as this will most likely count as SPAM and have the opposite effect.

Avoid company specific job titles that mean nothing to the outside world. A job title of “HTDG level 4” is not likely to get much response – if nobody other than the clinical hiring manager knows what it means!

If you follow these simple ideas, hopefully you will get improved application responses on job boards and your own recruitment, plus and any other site where the job advert appears

Happy Posting

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Time to Get Emotional!

Posted by | September 15, 2015 | Job Posting, Recruiting

Using Emotions to Recruit

Everyone wants great candidates, but good qualified candidates can afford to be picky and these days everyone is looking for the “dream job”! – so let’s be honest, how many of your vacancy descriptions even make them want to look?

Here’s a tip that might just help…

Stimulate The Emotions – The candidate has to feel some emotion to even bother clicking on your job advert. So try helping the candidate create an image of themselves in the role – This might be by highlighting the opportunities for growth within the role (personal development , kudos etc), or the great working environment (think Google); or it might be the benefits package on offer. For example, mentioning holidays – might help the candidate subconsciously picture themselves on the beach with their family.  

Simply putting a list of job requirements is about the least emotional thing you can do! Make them FEEL that they want the job!

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Job Multi Posting Tools

Posted by | September 10, 2015 | Job Posting

A lot of our clients use job board multi posting tools, and I can understand why, they can save a lot of time. So what’s out there and what do you think of them?

Have I missed any others?

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Why Do My Job Posts Get So Few Applications?

Posted by | September 3, 2015 | Job Posting, Jobs, Recruiting

why-no-job-applications-pharmaYour wonderful job posting might be getting hundreds of views, but for some reason you’re just not getting the applications – Why is that?

There can be multiple reasons, but the following is a good start…

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3 Things you can do to convert job views to job applications

Posted by | July 14, 2015 | Job Posting, Recruiting

I can’t believe how many job adverts I see that are simply cut and pasted job descriptions. Clients then wonder why although the adverts are being viewed, nobody is applying! So here are 3 things to try that will help improve your application rate.

1-2-3 Highlight the opportunities for career progression.
Nobody wants to switch job it if means ending up in a dead end. Remember, your candidates will have career goals and aspirations, so you need them to think, “wow this would be a great opportunity for me”Highlight the Organisation’s USPs
What makes this job better than the next? If your company has a great pipeline, is expanding, or is the biggest or best in its field, say so!

If your organisation’s culture is relaxed, informal, buzzy, inspirational, creative, innovative or whatever! – tell the candidate! – Paint a picture – OK, I don’t mean literally, but you need the candidate to start visualising themselves in the role

Highlight what makes this role exciting!
Again, you need to reinforce what it is about this job, that will make the candidate hit that apply button. No point in just listing the requirements for the job (that’s just a job description after all) – so tell the candidate that this is an “amazing opportunity, working with a great team on products that will change peoples lives” or similar. Doesn’t that sound better than “a new vacancy has arisen in our sales department” The candidate needs to believe that they will be doing exciting, challenging and interesting things every day!